Sometimes, you need to let go in order to lean in closer to God. In this daily devotional for the Lenten season, bestselling author Nicole Massie Martin takes us on a hope-filled journey of letting go of all that keeps us from experiencing the joy of resurrection. Daily reflections and prayers invite us to lean into God's grace and let go of our own agendas and practices that hold us back from the abundant life God calls us to enjoy and share with the world. Whether this is your first Lenten journey or one of many, Leaning In, Letting Go inspires lasting change for all your journeys to come. Leaning In, Letting Go helps you: Lean into God's grace and let go of our sense of control Lean into God's perspective and let go of our own preconceptions Lean into God's healing and let go of our pain Explore God and ourselves with greater clarity Leaning In, Letting Go includes 40 days of scripture readings, reflections, and prayers, beginning with Ash Wednesday and continuing through the Easter season. Purchase copies for yourself and your entire congregation and prepare for a season of powerful spiritual growth.

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Empowering Women For Ministry

Made To Lead: Empowering Women For Ministry

Are you wrestling with a call to ministry? Have you accepted your calling but wonder what to do next?  Are you looking for ways to take your ministry to the next level?  If so, this book is made for you.

Designed with you in mind, this book is the most important resource to help you grow and advance in ministry leadership.  It does not matter whether your ministry is in the church, on a college campus, in a nonprofit organization or even a secular context.  Every woman will benefit from these practical skills for leadership and spiritual development. 


Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin  
Matthew 1:1-17
It's In My Blood


Week Five of "Break Through to Greater" Bible Study Series at The Park Church. Teacher: Dr. Nicole Martin

Week One of "Break Through to Greater" Bible Study Series at The Park Church. Part I of 2-Part Teaching Series -- For the Lord We Love: The Cape Town Confession of Faith Teacher: Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin