leadership development

Our leadership development program is a comprehensive experience uniquely designed to examine and enhance the leadership capabilities of individuals no matter their fields. The Soulfire Leadership Development program includes extensive and customized coaching and mentoring opportunities. 


Coaching positions individuals to successfully reach their personal and professional goals. We work with you to determine strategies to connect with the best you possible. 


Soulfire offers strategic experiential interactions through a structured mentoring program which matches experienced individuals with those who may need guidance.

workshops and webinars

Practical knowledge coupled with spiritual insights often take form on multiple platforms. Soulfire workshops give in depth opportunities to dive deep into strategies for making theories and concepts reality in the everyday lives of individuals. Soulfire's webinars give you the advantage of our experiencing our services from anywhere in the world. Our dynamic thought leaders are available and accessible through these online portals to teach, share and help develop you into the person you are purposed to be. Soulfire also hosts book club meetings for its dynamic library of resources. These experiences offer participants a chance to interpret, reflect, discuss and share insights on the variety of published offerings.


Soulfire consults with ministries, fellowships and organizations about effective strategies to nurture, encourage and propel individuals to their greatest potential. Soulfire offers a significant knowledge depth in organizational efficiency and leadership development for organizations of all functions and sizes. Our team of experts works with your team to create and shape your organization into one which best gets the job done and delivers desired results.